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Social Media Marketing Made Easy!

  • Simplify the work-flow by goal oriented Campaigns
  • Save Time by publishing to multiple Profiles simultaneously
  • Get Insights about What is working and what is not

Effective Social Media Marketing

For Startups and Small Businesses


Grow and Engage Your Audience

Create time-bound campaigns, setup campaign goals and start scheduling/posting to social accounts.

Save Time and Marketing Efforts

Connect multiple Social Media Accounts and publish content to multiple accounts simultaneously. Connect Once and publish numerous times from one place.

Improve Your Strategy Iteratively

Get insights about what's working and what's not. Learn from campaign reports and improve your strategy iteratively campaign after campaign.

Reach Your Audience Regularly

Schedule Messages on regular intervals to keep your audence engaged.

Visualize Results

Get Social Analytics and understand what drives user engagement in your social accounts.

How it works

Simplify the work-flow as follows:

1 Create a Time-Bound Campaign along with campaign goals.

2 Start publishing / scheduling posts for the campaign

3 Check Campaign Report to see goal completion results.

4 Improve strategy based on campaign reports and Repeat!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make everyone's life a Cinch. We believe in simplicity and ease. We aim to provide very simple, easy and elegant solutions to complex problems through innovation and modern technology to make our lives Cinchy.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media an absolute must for online businesses today. Social Media Marketing helps you find more customers, create brand awareness, generate sales leads with higher conversion rates, boost traffic and search engine ranking at almost negligible costs. And Social Media is FREE! :-)

Who is it made for ?

GoCinchy has been designed for Individuals, startups and small scale businesses to make social media marketing a cinch. If you are somebody who wish to grow your business and serve your customers better with little budget, GoCinchy is for you!

More questions?

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